Hygiene, safety and sustainability for the new Surgery and Emergency Unit at San Raffaele Hospital.

The new Surgery and Emergency Unit at the San Raffaele Hospital - IRCCS (Institute for Treatment and Research) in Milan, also known as the Iceberg due to its unique shape, is an iconic project by the renowned architecture firm Mario Cucinella Architects, which combines a distinctive aesthetic appeal with utmost attention to hygiene.

The building occupies an area of more than 37,000 sq. m. The complex is made up of two large elements that are complementary to one another on an architectural and functional level: the technical plate, which houses the main hospital wards such as the new emergency room – which is one of the largest in the Lombardy region, covering an area of 4,330 sq. m. – and the top part, which is spread over eight floors above ground level, where the inpatient wards, medical offices and outpatient clinics are located.

The Iceberg is to be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, since great emphasis has been placed, right from the design phase, on using environmentally sustainable materials and on making sure that all systems and the building envelope are energy efficient. This certification was also obtained thanks to the use of Active Surfaces®, the eco-active surfaces by Iris Ceramica Group. Such innovative materials were used inside the building, in spaces where hygiene and cleanliness checks are regularly carried out, such as public area flooring, elevator landings, public restrooms, and in 172 rooms with prefabricated bathrooms. Eco-active surfaces have proven to be the ideal solution for all high-traffic areas in health facilities. In fact, Active Surfaces® materials keep spaces healthy and purify the air, thus preventing hazards and ensuring the safety of both staff and patients.

Once again, the architecture firm Mario Cucinella Architects has skillfully combined architectural quality with efficiency and functionality in a project specifically aimed at ensuring people's well-being.