Al Qassimi Hospital

200 Beds Maternity and Pediatric Hospital and Emergency Extension, Sharja, UAE.

The Ministry of Health of UAE decided to expand Al Qassimi Hospital, in addition to 200 beds for Maternity, Gynecology and Pediatrics as self-contained hospital for all kinds of services and facilities. It was also decided to extend the Emergency department of the existing hospital to respond to the additional needs for better emergency services. Ministry of Public Works of UAE, which financed the project, appointed UPA as Consultant for Design and Site Supervision. The design is developed as a joint venture between General Planning & UPA (Urbanism Planning Architecture). Project MCK did consultancy services for medical planning and equipment. UPA and UPA Italia continued the project up to site supervision and final delivery to the client.

Design Company in Charge: Urbanism Planning Architecture
Design: Urbanism Planning Architecture and General Planning
Healthcare Design and Medical Equipment: Progetto MCK

Architect: Arch. Paolo Lettieri, Arch. Dagmar Sestak
Project Team: Arch. Paolo Lettieri, Arch. Dagmar Sestak, Arch. Aswan Ibrahim Zubaidi, Ing. Giuseppe Monti, Ing. Andrea Bambini, Arch. Haider Al Sawad, Arch. Antonina Gucciardi, Arch. Francesco Prennushi, Arch. Maria Marta Zandonà, Arch. Irene Tchimorin, Ing. Giorgio Tommaselli, Arch. Marta Candiani, Arch. Pierolivo Lunardelli, Arch. Firas Raheel
Site Supervision: UPA and UPA Italia Site Supervision Team: Arch. Aswan Ibrahim Zubaidi, Arch. Paolo Lettieri, Sahar Yosusif, Ing. Kais Al Ashimi, Arch. Mustafa Baldawi, Arch. Stefan Shalabi
Client: Ministry of Public Works UAE

End User: Ministry of Health UAE - Al Qassimi Hospital
Contractor: Ali Moosa and Sons Holding
Size: 43.000 sqm built up area, 61.000 sqm plot area
Estimation: 100 million €
Project duration: Design 30 months / construction 48 month
Photo Credits: Arch. Celso Career II, Arch. Paolo Lettieri