The Group's innovative technology adorns the Italian Vice Consulate in Tenerife with the decorative mural “Pennacchi di città geologica” designed by Alessandro Melis.

During the Italian Design Day, the decorative work designed for the Italian Vice Consulate in Arona, Tenerife, by architect Alessandro Melis and created using Iris Ceramica Group materials and technology was presented.

The Italian Design Day showcases Italian manufacturing excellence around the world, through exhibitions, meetings and presentations, where key sector professionals offer their own vision of the unique and iconic aspects of italian design. This year, Alessandro Melis, author of the presented work, was appointed “Italian Design Ambassador for the Canary Islands 2024”.

The work, a 6 x 2.50 metre mural entitled “Pennacchi di città geologica” applied as a wall covering, consisting of five ceramic slabs, was created by Iris Ceramica Group using its innovative custom ceramic decoration technology. The work, designed by the architect Alessandro Melis, was created on large slabs using Design Your Slabs, the innovative technology used to impress any image or illustration on ceramic surfaces, and was turned into an eco-active surface with four superior properties – antibacterial and antiviral, anti-pollution, anti-odour and self-cleaning - using the Active Surfaces® technology.

The Vice Consul Cappelli Bigazzi thanked Iris Ceramica Group and Nico Panizzi, architect and partner of Melis at the event, for their cooperation and promotion of Italian design in the Canary Islands: “these architects will talk about the genesis, concept and design of this work entitled “Pennacchi di città geologica”, focusing both on the technical side, the processing and the production of these slabs, and these materials, which represent Italian excellence: this is what we aim to bring to the Canary Islands”.

The event was therefore a great opportunity for bringing Italian manufacturing excellence into a spectacular space, filled with art works and precious antiques.