From 25 to 29 September, Active Surfaces® will be telling of the concept of the Iris Ceramica Group multi-site event at Cersaie: “The Art of being a Group”. Art is the guiding thread of this engaging narrative journey.

“The Art of being a Group” is the concept of the Iris Ceramica Group multi-site event at Cersaie 2023. Art is the guiding thread of this unforgettable journey involving international artists, running between the booth at the trade fair to the Brands’ Showrooms.
The exhibition space at the trade fair in Bologna (Hall 26 | Booth A188- B189) narrates this theme through artistic installations created by the international artist 
Becha exclusively for the Group. At the Booth, the eco-active Active Surfaces® tell of this concept, consistently with the corporate values of sustainability, innovation and excellent quality, contributing to visitors’ well-being with their four superior properties.
The narration continues in the Showroom where visitors, using a simple and intuitive App ICG Play, can immerse themselves in another virtual yet absolutely real dimension, seeing the benefits of eco-active Active Surfaces® for themselves.
"The Art of being a Group" is a unique narration of many faces, those of the Group’s innovative solutions and brands, which all share a clear business vision re-engineering ceramics to improve the interaction between humans and the environment.

Stay Tuned!

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25 - 29 September

Pad 26 | Booth A-188 B-189