GABICCE Apartment

A renovation project carried out with great refinement and a special focus on the client’s needs through the use of Iris Ceramica’s Active surfaces, chosen for its unique properties.
We interviewed Interior Designer PierPaolo Saioni:

What is the central idea around which the project revolves?
We took advantage of the “Piano Casa” legislation to raise the roof and use the added space to create a living room or penthouse on the fourth floor with a big patio overlooking the sea on one side and the hills on the other.

Which challenges did the project present?
Creating an open space living area, but with all the necessary facilities… kitchen/dining area, pantry, living room, bathroom, storage area, main entrance and stairway to the bedroom area, which has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a laundry room and a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.

Which solutions were adopted?
I tried to come up with a compromise by partially dividing the kitchen from the living room with a wall, allowing the fireplace and tv cabinet to be positioned behind the work area in the kitchen to leave the two rooms open and connected.

Which were the benefits?
Optimisation and practicality of the spaces created, maintaining their aesthetic value.

Which were the client’s needs, and their impact on the choice of materials?
The client’s first request was to use wooden flooring to add warmth and elegance, and we decided to use Active treated porcelain, because I find that it not only offers the essential qualities described but offers strength and practicality, and finally, the antibacterial system, which convinced the client right away.

Which features of the materials best underlined their context? (brightness, noise reduction, resistance, elegance, high-tech appeal…)
Definitely brightness, strength and elegance…