The biggest ever human tree will be created in Milan to say "we want to breathe again" with a symbolic act that will travel around the world on the internet and be repeated in big cities all over the planet. 2011, on Saturday February 5 in Piazza Duomo in Milan, Active, the super-material that purifies the air of nitrogen oxide just as trees do, hosted the BE ACTIVE BE a TREE! flash mob launching a message of environmental responsibility to the world. A great performance conceived by nationally and internationally renowned digital artist Giuseppe La Spada, the only Italian to have won a Webby Award. "Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Start again. Let’s take air back to its roots. Clean it up. Not in pursuit of some ideal, some unrealistic philosophy, but because we need to breathe! We will form a tree, the first human tree, the biggest human tree ever seen." With these words the Tree Woman, a true digital spirit, made her way across the internet, launching an appeal and asking everyone who wants to defend their right to breathe to come to Piazza Duomo. The key ambassador behind this great mobilisation to promote environmental responsibility was Iris Ceramica Group, whose consciousness of environmental issues has led them to develop a super-material that cleans the air like a tree: Active, an innovative eco-active, anti-pollutant and anti-bacterial wall and floor covering that gives concrete form to the message behind the event.  This great gesture did not stop there. Photographs and videos of the biggest human tree ever in the middle of Piazza Duomo travelled around the world on the internet so that the event can be repeated in squares in the world’s biggest cities...because breathing is a universal right!
BE ACTIVE BE a TREE! is an idea by Giuseppe La Spada, a digital and creative artist who has always been highly aware of environmental issues, the only Italian to win a Webby Award, in 2007 for an “eco-friendly” project developed in collaboration with famous musician Ryuitchi Sakamoto.