The four superior properties of Active Surfaces® were chosen for the renewal of the pavement of the pool terrace of Palazzo delle Poste in Lecce. Built in the early 20th century in the historic city centre, the building has been restored to its original splendour in a redevelopment project including conservative restoration of its façades by MR Investments of Campobasso, a nation-wide real estate company that has always demonstrated a great awareness of the principles of sustainability.

Palazzo delle Poste has been converted from former post office headquarters to 32 luxury apartments on three levels. The fourth and highest level has been transformed into a rooftop terrace and pool for residents’ private use, offering unique views over Carlo V Castle and the Baroque city of Lecce.

With the aim of protecting residents’ health and hygiene and the environment, the terrace has been covered with Iris Ceramica Group Active Surfaces® ceramic surfaces, whose superior properties eliminate pollutants and microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungi and moulds) while eliminating odours and ensuring that surfaces are easy to clean.

The star of the show is the Loft collection by Iris Ceramic Group’s Porcelaingres brand, combining the full-bodied feel of concrete with the elegance of stone. Loft is used throughout the outdoor area, in the colours Snow, measuring 100 x 100 with a thickness of 6 mm, and Sand, also in the 100 x 100 size but 2 cm thick, laid using the Granitech raised flooring system. The overall result is highly sophisticated in style, with neutral hues that help to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The project combines the building’s historic beauty, preserved with a precise conservative restoration of the original architecture, with the innovation represented by eco-active Active Surfaces®, centring around the key issues of health, wellness and environment.