The Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group's new educational project for schools, focusing on well-being and respect for the local territory.

Exercise, a healthy diet, spending time outdoors and laughing: these are the ingredients for well-being that inspire Active Hero, the educational project offered free of charge by Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of the primary schools in Castellarano, Fiorano Modenese and Sassuolo, in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia. An initiative aiming to educate to sustainability, designed and delivered by the La Lumaca association, using active educational methods, creativity and play.
The Active Hero project stars the four superior properties of Active Surfaces® and is divided into four modules, each one consisting of a one-hour workshop in the class or outdoors, developing one of the key topics of the project: exercise, a healthy diet, spending time outdoors and laughing. Fun characters, cartoons and unique comic strip stories accompany the classes during the project, engaging the pupils who also receive t-shirts and cool gadgets.
Thirty classes have signed up for the project during the first edition running in school year 2022/23. A response from the local community confirming its appreciation for our commitment in the local area to issues relating to sustainability and the physical, psychological and relational well-being of our young students.
Watch the Active Hero trailer.