Active Surfaces® have obtained official certification of their effectiveness and safety in the “food contact” field.

The eco-active Active Surfaces® by the Iris Ceramica Group have obtained a new and important certification in the “food contact” field.

The certificate was issued by a BELAC-accredited laboratory which provides food safety certifications for European Union member states, and is specialised if the performance of tests on materials used in food sectors, such as tableware, which must fully meet all safety requirements whatever the type of food they come into contact with.

The result obtained by Active Surfaces® therefore expresses the high level of safety of this material, which can be used as a surface in direct contact with foods.

This is yet another confirmation of how Active Surfaces® ceramics represent a safe, high-quality surface for handling foods, not only at home but also in professional and even industrial contexts.

This recognition, valid for all countries in the European Union, comes in addition to its already certified eco-active properties: the anti-microbial (bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould) and anti-odour features of Active Surfaces® make it the perfect ally anywhere foodstuffs are handled.

The certificate confirming the use in “food contact” environments is available at the following link: